The Official Bio

Bittersweet Highway is the singer-songwriter duo of Rene’ Janiece and Wayne McKinzie. They hail from the small town of Cedaredge Colorado at the foot of the Grand Mesa.  Living and traveling along the edges of America, theirs is music that rises from the fringes, in place and in style. It crosses genres and blends the sounds that have influenced these two as individuals, combining to create something strikingly original. It is no wonder they call their particular brand of music “Borderland Americana.” And this Borderland Americana is also artful Americana – visually evocative and carefully crafted. This is music that is thought about, and music that makes us think. More importantly, this is music that urges us to feel. Poetic lyrics. Smooth, resonant vocals. Surprising phrasing. Wanderlust and loss, longing and belonging, irony and epiphany rise and fall through imagery and sound as varied and wide as the land they call home. Melodic conversations are revealed; evoke the stories that hide in the gravel and grass of the roadside. Live, Bittersweet Highway’s relaxed and intimate rapport with each other and their audience allows for a wonderfully interactive experience that speaks to the journeys of the heart, the bitter and the sweet that are scattered along the road of life.



  • Finalist - Song -  "It All Falls Away"- Best song - folk singer/songwriter category  Southwest Independent Artist Awards 2017
  • Finalist - Album - "It All Falls Away" best album of the year category, Southwest Independent Artist Awards 2017
  • Finalist - Rene Janiece - Best Indie Southwest Female Artist/Group category, Southwest Independent Artist Awards 2014
  • Honorable Mention Singer/Songwriter Competition "The Woodie Guthrie Folk Festival" 2015



KRZA Interview with Lisa Jo Goldman

Like to get to know a little more about us and our music?

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to link to a very sweet interview by Lisa Jo Goldman on KRZA Radio, from April 25, 2013.

A "oldie but goodie" conversation about our beginnings, our process, our music and "us."