Most musicians rely heavily on tips and the support of their listening fans
to supplement what they earn,
and we're no different.

The fact of the matter is: Bittersweet Highway needs a new vehicle!

           Our “Bittersweet Highway-mobile” has served us well for 6 years. It has over 250,000 miles, a repaired transmission, replaced tires, fuel pump and alternator, inoperable door locks, and many cracks in the windshield.
We hope it has some travels left to complete yet, but the reality is this:
We have the opportunity to do much more touring in 2019 – but in order to do that – (and even to keep doing what we do now) – we will need different transportation.

There are so many “needs” in the world – always – but especially right now, it seems. And yet, when we think this request is “too much” or not important, we are offered another music opportunity or invitation. We are encouraged by words such as: – “what you do is needed” – “music keeps us human” - “please keep doing what you do”.

So – here we are.

We so love sharing what we do with you – and with others.

Sincere thanks from our hearts to yours.



If you're feeling generous and you would like to add to our tip jar
this is the place!

Transportation needs aside,
you can even leave a note as to how you would like your contribution used:
gas, food on the road, equipment, recording costs, etc.
All securely through PayPal.

(DONATION button/link at the top of the page)

But "support" can look like many things.
You can certainly purchase our music, but sharing it with others can be a big "tip" for us. 
Ideas for sources of reviews/features/articles, radio stations, shows and house concerts, festivals. . .
These leads also help us keep doing and sharing what we do.
An encouraging word now and again can go a long way.
"Tips" large and small - all count in a big way.

Our thanks for listening
and for supporting and encouraging our journey -
no matter what form that support comes in!