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Welcome to the internet home of Bittersweet Highway and County Road Records!  So glad you've found us! 

We are Rene' Janiece and Wayne McKinzie - a singer-songwriter duo
living at the base of the Grand Mesa in Western Colorado.

Here, you'll find background on who we are and how we got started - as well as what we might be up to next.

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This is the place for all-around updates as we wander this road.


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Hello Everyone.

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, prayers and support for Rene' as she goes through her cancer treatment.

We hope that you are all safe and in good health and wanted to share the latest on Rene's progress.

For over a year now Rene' has been in chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.  Another new chemotherapy drug that her oncologist believe would help in controlling her cancer was "developed" and released in May 2019 and is currently being administered to her.  This new chemotherapy is incredibly intense and has taken a further toll on Rene'.  If her body can endure the drug, this round of chemo will continue through September. After that will come another "evaluation" and possibly another 5 years of post chemotherapy drugs and monitoring.  Her blood chemistry counts (red and white blood cells) are very low and she is vulnerable to infections, virus's and other illness.  We are keeping her as isolated as possible.

Again, thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support.

Keep your masks on and be safe out there.  Even though you may feel no symptoms, there is a always a possibility of spreading this virus unintentionally to someone like Rene' who is vulnerable and in a compromised state of health

Most of all be kind to one another and take care of each other.

We hope to see you soon to share music, laughter, and hugs

With Love, Wayne and Rene'

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